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September 2018

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 11:10 AM

As another bee season nears an end I look over another productive season. Many splits and good honey crop. Didn't get to queen reasring due to the birth of our second son but I'm ok with that. That will be next years project. Treatments for mites should be complete or nearly complete. A cleanup treatment maybe done to follow up your man treatment that was done in August or early September. Also keep an eye out for those pesky hive beetles. As it gets cooler out they will be looking for a warm place to winter. Hives that you never saw any in all summer may soon have a bunch. It wouldn't hurt to but in a beetle trap to help protect your hives.

Feeding bees in the fall is a topic that is sometimes a topic of debate. I don't look at it as a debate. I look at it as I would rather feed and know I gave my bees the best chance to get through the winter. Sometimes there wasn't a great fall flow after you pulled your last honey. Others there was a decent flow but many rainy or cold days. You just never know. I prefer to err on the side of caution and feed the bees. I do fall feed inside the hives to limit fall robbing though. While feeding in the fall you will want to feed 2:1 syrup so that they can get it ripe and ready for winter in time. The least amount of moisture we put into the hives now before winter in the form of excess water the better. I also like to give a small amount of pollen patty to make sure they those last bees before winter have everything they need. Keep an eye on your hives September and early October set the tone for the long cold winter in my book.

Enjoy your honey and start thinking to next year. This is the time to get the bees yeardy for winter. Pack up unused equpment and clean up the bee yeards for winter. Start thinking about next years bee expansions. Package bees start going on sale now. I hope you all had as good of a season as well. Happy bee keeping all.

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